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Your living room is a social hub, so it needs to be functional and appealing. Here are layout plans you can implement.

Perfecting the optimal layout for your living room is an iterative process that can take place over several months of years. Our real estate agents are always tinkering with new living room designs in an attempt to maximize comfort and interior aesthetic. It just so happens that we've become quite the pros when it comes to living room layouts.

Many of us spend more time in our living rooms during winter months, so fall is the perfect time to adjust your layout. Here are a few tips to help you revitalize your living room:

  1. Create A Seating Island
    If your living room lacks solid wall space, you can create a cozy middle-of-the-room furniture layout. Positioning your sectional sofa and recliners in the middle of the room creates a comfortable center island while providing space to walk around the area of the room. In fact, some of our favorite Nassau County homes for sale have beautifully staged island seating in the living room.

  2. Go With All Chairs
    Who says a living room needs a sofa anyway? Believe it or not, we've seen some really great layouts consisting of all chairs. Imagine two pairs of elegant armchairs facing each other with a nice slim coffee table in the middle. It's a great way to create a comfortable, intimate setting.

  3. Design Your Layout Around A Focal Point
    A single focal point is so often the thing that ties a whole living room layout together. Whether it's a fireplace, a large screen TV,  or even a painting, identify your focal point and start arranging the rest of your furniture in a way that keeps your item or fixture front and center.

  4. Use Your Furniture To Define Your Boundaries.
    If you have an open floor plan, then you'll likely need to rely on your furniture to indicate where the living room begins and ends. For example, you can use your sofa or armchairs to create a border between the living room and the dining room. Or, use your furniture to section off a clear walkway that allows for easy movement from room to room.

  5. Create A Conversational Layout
    Your living room can be used for relaxing or watching TV, or it can be used as a place to talk and entertain guests. If you're more in favor of the latter, then position your seating, so it's all facing the center of the room rather than a TV. Create a comfortable and inviting place to sit down and talk over coffee.

  6. Create A Cozy Corner
    This works especially well in smaller living rooms and closed floor plans. Leverage your sectional sofa to create a cozy and inviting corner of the room. Then, separate it from the rest of the room by placing a nice coffee table in the middle, and a couple of armchairs on the opposite side of the room.

Your living room is where you live! Therefore, it should make it a comfortable place that fits your lifestyle.  Contact us today for more interior design tips!

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