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The JET Platform @ American Homes (Just Engage Today) is a company provided, turn-key productivity platform which propels real estate professionals to succeed. First, we start with your flight plan. In real estate, the most successful real estate professionals follow a well thought out fundamentally sound business plan that allows for a smart, intuitive work flow which keeps them organized and on target from lead generation right through to a successful closing.

We encourage you to book a first-class seat and get ready for your real estate career to take off!

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JET Platform Features

  • Business Planning for Your Success
  • One on One Coaching with 90 Day Action Plan
  • “Soaring to Success” - The Exclusive 10 Session Business Success Program
  • Listing Concierge professional marketing and white-glove services for your listings
  • Reactive Designed Personalized Website
  • Personal CRM (Customer Relations Management)
  • Agent Marketing Center Plus
  • My Customer For Life Automated Marketing Program (MCFL)
  • Agent Lead Router
  • Open House App
  • Digital Transaction Management with E-Signature
  • Educational Platform Providing Weekly Business Development Sessions
  • Pre-recorded Educational Video Library
  • Marketing Department
  • Relocation Department
  • Social Media Director
  • Targeted Online Advertising Platform
  • Professional Front Desk Support Staff
  • Experienced Leadership Team Support
  • Commercial Division – Retail, Office, Industrial, Business Brokerage
  • Robust Company Intranet
  • Gmail Based Email Suite and Google Drive
  • Unique Property Websites
  • Property Syndication to over 800 websites
  • Professionally Installed Company Provided “For Sale” Signs
  • American Homes Title Agency
  • Moxi Presents Competitive Market Analysis
  • Preferred Vendors Network
  • Company Culture - Events: Family Picnic, Holiday Party, Quarterly Production Recognition, Annual Awards Gala
  • Quality Service Recognition
  • 24 Professional Office Locations

CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)

The fuel of a robust real estate productivity platform is an effective CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). The most effective CRM allows real estate professionals to engage their customers and clients in the way they prefer to communicate. Whether a call, text, email or face to face meeting, you need to engage the way your client wants! This needs to occur while you, the real estate professional, are completely mobile. Your CRM needs to meet you and your client on your terms.

The CRM which is built into the JET platform @ American Homes is designed with just that in mind. As a real estate professional, you can communicate with your customers and clients how they want to be contacted regardless of where you are or what is going on in your busy day.

Custom Reactive Designed Personal Websites

While a good CRM helps real estate professionals manage their day to day communications, what do your clients really need? They need to be able to search for homes, quickly, easily, and with confidence that they are getting the most up to date and accurate information available. That’s where our custom reactive designed Personal Websites excel.

The JET Platform websites showcase American Homes real estate professionals in a state of the art, mobile friendly site which highlights them and their property listings to the world. Having a high end, sleek website which directly integrates with a first-class CRM will get your career to the launch pad without you having to be tech savvy.

If you are the type of professional who likes to spend time customizing your flight plan, the Personal Website includes a high-end web page builder for you to customize your marketing and messaging allowing you to leverage unique SEO opportunities to take your business to new heights. What real estate professionals have liked most is the ease of implementation. With just a few clicks of the mouse you will launch your site.

Agent Marketing Center

What would any website or CRM be without Marketing? The JET Platform Agent Marketing Center will help you engage the consumer on social media, email, text, or through traditional mail with postcards and flyers.

Finding relevant content is imperative in propelling business. The JET Platform @ American Homes provides media assets and drip campaigns that easily integrate with a real estate professional’s property listing data allowing them to consistently stay front of mind with their marketplace.

In addition to the automated resources available to our agents, the company’s Marketing Team continuously develops additional assets to share across all Social Media platforms.

Utilizing all the media assets that you have at your fingertips will send your real estate business into orbit.

Agent Lead Router

In an instant gratification society, speed to lead can mean the difference in capturing the customer or losing out to the competition. When a real estate professional’s personal marketing is digitized or takes advantage of social media, having a personal Agent Lead Router module that alerts you to new customer inquiries and auto-populates your CRM is a game changer. This enables successful real estate professionals to be more efficient, more productive and handle the high volume necessary for exceptional results.

Open House App

Top real estate professionals take the opportunity to make a memorable first impression at their public open house. Our Open House App allows agents to digitally sign consumers in to a public open house in seconds. The fully integrated platform allows for a seamless flow of customer data directly into your agent CRM eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Digital Transaction Management

In today’s mobile world tech savvy real estate professionals know the importance of a Digital Transaction Management system that allows them to access their documents from multiple devices and platforms. Whether you are in your office or on the fly, all your transaction data is at your fingertips. Never worry again about misplacing a folder or losing your data because the information is backed up in the cloud and always available. An additional advantage of E-Signature is the ability for real estate professionals to complete their transactions from anywhere in the world, quickly and efficiently.

Educational Platform

The real estate business is ever-changing and it’s extremely important to stay informed and up to date. With the industry-leading Educational Platform at the center of the JET Platform, real estate professionals can engage in any number of topics with our pre-recorded and live online modules covering fundamentally sound real estate sales practices.

To boost your personal business to even greater heights you can enroll in our exclusive, company provided “Soaring to Success” program, a 10-session comprehensive opportunity to sharpen the skills of agents of every experience level.

The platform’s video library is available for agents to access quick snippets or full classes helping you to better engage in everyday tasks and technologies.

JET Coaching Program

Trainers provide agents with information. Coaches guide real estate professionals on how to apply this information to their personal business. With our JET Coaching Program, real estate professionals get to work one on one with a Qualified Coach to better engage the tools, systems and support provided so they can leverage it for their own personal growth.

The difference between a licensee and a real estate professional can be stark. You’d never feel comfortable taking a flight with a licensee at the helm of your plane. You’d expect a professional pilot! With the JET Platform @ American Homes our real estate professionals are positioned to be the very best in the business! So, let’s stamp your passport, book you a seat in first class and take your real estate career to greater heights. Contact us today to discuss how the JET Platform @ American Homes can benefit your career!

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