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Buying a home is a big decision that you don't want to get wrong. Here's how to determine if a home is a perfect match.

Buying your first home comes with a lot of pressure. It's a large financial decision, and you're most likely going to be there for the long term. You want to get it right.

Most home shoppers tour dozens of properties before deciding on one. While we do believe in love at first sight when it comes to home shopping, it's fairly uncommon. Rather, determining if a home is right for you comes down to numerous objective and subjective factors. If you're trying to decide whether to purchase a particular home, here are some tips from our real estate agents:

  1. Rely On Your Inspections
    When touring a home, there is only so much you're able to see with your own eyes. Your initial evaluation can be influenced by the home's design, aesthetics, and staging. However, when determining if a home is a right fit, then you'll want to take a look underneath the hood. When making an offer, be sure to include inspection contingencies. In addition to a general home inspection, you'll also want to do a sewer camera, pest inspection, and a radon test. The results can help you get a better sense of the home's condition.

  2. Review Your Checklist
    Before you start home shopping, you should sit down and make a list of your non-negotiables. What are the four or five things you are non-negotiable about? Price, location, size, off-street parking, and number of full-size bathrooms might be the criteria on your list. When touring these Suffolk County homes for sale, make sure the home checks every box before deciding whether the home is right for you.

  3. Trust Your Gut
    While that "love at first sight" feeling can be elusive when home shopping, your gut can tell your quite a bit about whether a home is the right fit. If you feel excited after touring a home, take the feeling seriously. If something seems off, trust your instinct. While a lot of the home-buying process is objective, it's important to listen to your emotions too.

  4. Compare The Home To Others You've Toured
    If you've been house hunting for a while, you've probably gotten a good taste for what's available in the market within your budget. If you think you've found the right home, consider how much better or worse it is than some of the other homes you've toured. If there were others you liked better, it might be worth waiting to see if something closer to your dream home is listed on the market. If you haven't found anything better, then it's more likely the home is the right fit.

  5. Consult Your Real Estate Agent
    Buying a home is a lot of pressure, but you don't have to go through it alone. Your real estate agent will be with you every step of the way. Your agent knows what you're looking for, and they also have experience spotting problems or issues that you might miss. Always consult your agent before making a decision.

Choosing your first home can be both an art and a science, which is why it's so important to have an experienced agent in your corner. Contact us today for more tips on buying your first home.

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